About us

Food Garden provides a unique culinary experience with dishes of different cuisines.

Our story

The idea of Food Garden was a result of a passion for incredible plant-based food and new creative recipes which came from our home kitchens. Our lifestyle required a restaurant of simple and quick dishes with complex flavors based mostly on plants. After all of that, Food Garden happen.

In addition to plant-based dishes, you can find vegetarian and pescetarian dishes in our offer to satisfy the wishes of all our guests.


We are always aim to improve our business and lifestyle in a way that makes us more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Also, through delicious meals based mainly on plant-based foods, the use of biodegradable packaging, waste reduction, education, and advice on the blog, we want to empower people and others to adopt a sustainable lifestyle.


Provide our customers with healthy, quality, and delicious food and beverages, natural and positive energy.


Build a community of people who believe in the strength of actual food given to us by Mother Nature


Food Garden is all about the PLANET. Our values, which are visible through all aspects of our business, are environmental sustainability and responsibility. Through plant-based food, green interior design, and biodegradable packaging we take care of our planet and give back all the love she is giving us every day.


Power of plants is magnificent. It positively affects humans’ health, animals’ health and the health of planet. Also, they bring nature into living and working spaces, turning them in green oasis. It is important to understand and maximize power of plants. Most of the time, our menu adjusts to season of vegetables and fruits in Croatia, so taste of food can be fresh and complete.


Regardless place you are, it is important to support and buy from local suppliers of vegetables, fruits, and other plants. Besides, you will influence on reducing bad transport impact, your food will be much tastier when you use fresh ingredients.
We invite our local suppliers to contact us if they want to supply our restaurant with their products!


People are the center of Food Garden. As we strive to take care of the Earth, we put a lot of effort to make a better life for every single person who gets in any kind of touch with us. Whether we talking about our employees, our customers, our suppliers or potential customers, we strive to make an impact

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